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About the Network:

"CFN was created on June 24, 2016 by Jeffrey Mirizio. It was created so that fans could have the chance to own that kill-for celebrity fanlisting if it is already approved at the original fanlisting network TFL.

The network approves fanlistings in the following categories: actors, actresses, male models, female models, bands/groups, male musicians, female musicians, personalities."

The Concept of Fanlistings:

A fanlisting is, as you may have guessed, simply a list of fans of a particular subject. Names and countries are the required information, but many listings offer more details, such as favorite movies of a certain actor or director. Or, in this case, favorite album, video and songs of a musician.

Why a Celebrity Fanlisting?

Michael Jackson has been my #1 wishlist fanlisting for ages, but he hasn't been available to run on TFL. Apparently, he became available shortly after TFL repoened following what most of us assumed was a permanent network closure. I missed out on applying at that time, as I'd given up on running fanlistings during the "hiatus."

When I discovered this new network, I immediately applied to run the listing for Michael. No disrespect is meant to any other fanlisting owners. I'm just very happy to finally have this honor.